Fail: Water Marble Nails

Pin Reaper: Rebecca Moore

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Water Marble Nails inspiration

What I Did: I thought this was so cute. I expected it to be messy, but… The first drop of polish immediately spread all over the top of the water and became a barrier. I couldn’t marble at all. I didn’t change anything on it; it just got horrible and ugly.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Water Marble Nails result

Next Time I Will: I have heard room temperature bottled water might make a difference. I may try that.

Pinterest Fail Water Marble Nails storyboard


  1. Sarah

    yes, it looks like it created stacked layers of different color rather than side-by-side lines of pure color. Some nail polishes are actually impossible to water marble with. I’ve had to do a lot of experimenting. Even different colors within the same brand can work very differently. Test the colors before you start. If they are not spreading on the water and creating the “bull’s eye” effect they won’t work for you. Generally I’ve had better luck with cheaper polishes … which is good since you waste a lot of polish doing this.

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