FailWin: Macaroons

Pin Reaper: Abby Dunn

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Macaroons inspiration

What I Did: I chose this because I love macaroons. There is a place in town that only bakes them on occasion (I see why now!). I figure it was easier to make them myself. I didn’t change the recipe at all. I followed it to a T. (I did use my own buttercream recipe though) I guess I will just have to practice! (They still tasted good, though!)

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Macaroons result

Next Time I Will: I would not beat the egg whites so much and add the sugar slower. I started to make marshmallow cream so I knew it was time to put the mixer away. I would use a piping bag like the recipe suggested!
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  1. Tia

    Another hint that my friend taught me a while back: If you don’t have a convection oven, use a wooden spoon to hold your oven open just enough to create airspace. Helps them bake evenly without browning.

  2. Hannah

    How is this tagged fail win?? In what aspect is this in ANY way a win.

    • Danielle

      it still tasted good.

  3. AIP

    My first macaron attempt didn’t go so well either, but a little better as I used the traditional syrup method. Where I went wrong, and it’s not mentioned in the directions is to let each batch cool completely on a damp tea-towel before removing them from the sheet.
    It also helps to use egg whites that are a little older; a few hours at least, as they’re more robust.
    They were pretty tasty though, as was yours undoubtedly.

  4. Leah

    They probably failed because you are calling them a “Macaroon.” A Macaroon is a completely different cookie made with coconut. These little gems you like are called “Macarons.” 😉 Just an FYI

  5. Brianne

    You most definitely have to use a piping bag of some sort, and do not ever spoon macarons onto the pan! If you don’t have a piping bag, put your batter in a ziplock bag, then snip the corner off. You are right that you over-whipped the eggs. whip to stiff peaks only, you should not have a marshmallow-like consistency, as the batter itself for macarons is thinner than many people expect. Also agree with Tia’s tip with the spoon in the oven, a little snake made of aluminum foil will do as well.

  6. Jessica

    I think the fail here lies in the recipe claiming macrons are easy….

  7. Bianca

    Thanks for trying out our recipe! I agree that If you don’t have a convection oven, how much you beat your egg whites and whether or not you use a piping bag, will make a difference in how Macarons turn out.

  8. Emily

    We don’t need your two cents Leah!

  9. Simona

    Leah, you are correct! That must be why it’s wrong haha 😉

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