Fail: Sleep On It Hairstyle

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Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Sleep On It Hairstyle inspiration

What I Did: I am always looking for ways to save time in my morning routine. I thought doing my hair the night before and sleeping in a bit my be the trick! I used a different product than the one they mentioned, clearly that makes a difference! I missed my train to work fixing it and ended up wearing a bun.   😉

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Sleep On It Hairstyle result
Next Time I Will: I would have damper hair perhaps and definitely use the product they recommend! Let’s hope the second time is better than the first!

Pinterest Fail Sleep On It Hairstyle storyboard


  1. Autumn66543

    You need to brush that hair style out with a bristle brush! My first attempt was horrific too 🙂

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