Fail: Holly Jolly Jelly Shots

Pin Reaper: Katie

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Holly Jolly Jello Shots inspiration

What I Did: My parents saw the Jello shots and thought they’d be perfect for their Christmas party – a festive, alcoholic Jello shot for a family that always celebrates with Jello shots. The layers took much longer to set up, and clearly they didn’t set all the way between layers, resulting in a less than appetizing look.

To top it all off, when she cut them into squares to put on a serving platter (because, of course, we’ll still serve them to family; what is family for if not to serve your failed attempts at Jello shots?) the layers slid apart in slow motion, and then kind of oozed all over the plate.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Holly Jolly Jello Shots result
Next Time I Will: I think using extra gelatin, either plain or flavored, or less water would make them more firm. I’d also suggest checking the Jello firmness before pouring layers on top.

Pinterest Fail Holly Jolly Jello Shots storyboard


  1. Tia

    Yep, definitely gotta dial back the liquid content when you add liquor. It makes the jello not set up as well.

  2. Danielle

    the top layer looks like skin

  3. J

    I have to give you credit, you at least have layers, so you made it a lot farther than most people seem to do with layered jello stuff.

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