Win: Decorating The Boyfriend’s Beard

Pin Reaper: Rebecca

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Decordating The Boyfriend's Beard inspiration

What I Did: I was sitting around at a festival with my boyfriend, waiting for the next band to play, when I remembered the photo I saw earlier that day on Pinterest. I was a bit bored, so I just started sticking the vegetation surrounding us in his beard. Unfortunately, the only vaguely plant-like things were a few dry straws (I’m not completely sure about this word; sorry, English is not my native language.) and I just had my old phone to take pictures, so I changed pretty much everything. I was actually mostly fooling around, it wasn’t a really serious attempt to recreate the photo project, but I think the result is hilarious! His face says it all! I’m not too sure if he likes this whole Pinterest-thing.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Decordating The Boyfriend's Beard result
Next Time I Will: I would change absolutely nothing, I love this picture!

Pinterest Fail Decordating The Boyfriend's Beard storyboard


  1. Jewels

    This made me LOL! Seriously cracked me up! Honestly, the original pin looks a bit…well, uhm… Let’s just say I don’t think beards and flowers go together!

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