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Pin Reaper: Whimsybridges

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Reversed Volumes inspiration

What I Did: I recently joined Pinterest to get ideas for a ceramics class that I was taking. I came across this one and figured it couldn’t be all that hard. I mean, you put some porcelain in a bisque-ware bowl and jam the cauliflower into it, right? I prepared everything: cauliflower, porcelain, bowl, and began to jam the cauliflower into the porcelain. Instead of the cauliflower sinking beautifully as I had expected, the bowl broke in half. After this humiliation (the rest of the class had been watching), I decided to pack the porcelain around the cauliflower and kind of round out the bottom to look like the picture. Unfortunately, not only was I unable to make it semi-smooth, but the weight of the porcelain and cauliflower made a significant flat spot on the bottom. I left it the way it was and came back in the morning to discover that the porcelain had sucked all of the moisture out of the cauliflower, leaving a withered, squishy, nasty thing in its place. I picked it all out and found two huge cracks in the bottom. I had to throw it out. Later, I went back to the original pin and followed it to the website, where they listed directions. Turns out, the original cauliflower bowl used a dry porcelain mix – no packing, no bowl breaking, completely smooth. Fail.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Reversed Volumes result
Next Time I Will: I would try this again, if I knew where to find dry porcelain mix. It did kind of work, if only it hadn’t cracked. Definitely worth another go.

Pinterest Fail Reversed Volumes storyboard

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