FailWin: Poinsettia Cookies

Pin Reaper: Kelly Lucas

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Poinsettia Cookies inspiration

What I Did: I followed the recipe exactly as it stated. I have even taken decorating classes, so this should have been easy do. The color is terrible, the shape wasn’t even close, but they did taste good.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Poinsettia Cookies result

Next Time I Will: Obviously they used food coloring that they didn’t state in the recipe. The cooking time was at least 5 minutes too long. I don’t think this recipe will ever work as they have it written out, the color alone is not even close.

Pinterest Fail Poinsettia Cookies storyboard


  1. Tia

    Honestly those don’t even look like they were done with the cut/spread method on the recipe. They look piped like way you’d do butter cookies. Was the dough soft enough to press/pipe?

  2. AA

    It would cut and spread if the dough was exactly the right consistency. I take it that was not the case. Also, they definitely cheated and used icing colors here.

  3. Vferg

    the original pin looks like they used a very large cookie press (if those exist?) I don’t think that is something you would be able to achieve with a cut/spread method

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