FailWin: Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Pin Reaper: Storm Arashi

Original Inspiration:


Pinterest Fail Waffle Iron Hash Browns inspiration

What I Did: My mother and I were gifted a waffle iron for Christmas and all was well. We made waffles for breakfast the day after Christmas, and chicken and waffles for dinner with amazing success. So we wanted to try something else, with it being New Years eve and all. We thought we’d try hash browns! So we bought tater tots unaware as to what would occur. It looks like a fail, it tasted like a win. Although my mom asked if they were filled tots when they got the waffle iron imprint in them.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Waffle Iron Hash Browns result

Next Time I Will: I’d put more tots in. This was still yummy, we ate them all, but my mom was NOT fond of cleaning it. Do I think it can be saved? Yeah, put more tots in! Although, I don’t see how they could actually squish down into a waffle shape.

Pinterest Fail Waffle Iron Hash Browns storyboard


  1. Munch

    The waffle iron in the pinterest pic doesn’t seem to be as deep as the other one, and looks like they used more tots obviously, possibly even layered them.

    Though tots, or potato gems as we call them in Australia, are pretty much delicious no matter how they’re cooked, so it’s a win win all round really.

  2. Tia

    I’ve never actually seen this work with tater rounds. I have had success with those green bags of shredded potato (Simple Potatoes brand I think?) especially if they’re defrosted and a little wet when you start.

  3. AA

    I agree you would need the shredded potato to pull this off. Basically you’ve got heated, lightly squished tater tots. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Storm

      Hi, this was my fail. We tried again with the flat crispy crowns but it still didn’t do it like that. So we just actually heated up the crispy crowns and tots on a baking sheet and used ’em as breakfast potatoes as an accompaniment to our waffles (which because we were feeling crazy we put breakfast sausage in – Best idea ever)

      • Danielle

        Maybe try with more and thawed?

  4. Mel

    It looks like you have a Belgian waffle maker – the ones that make the the 1″ – 1 1/2 ” thick waffles.
    The original version was probably made with the flatter waffle irons that make waffles that are only 1/2″ thick.

    You’d probably need a LOT more tatter tots to make this work in a Belgian waffle iron – and they’d never look like the original photo

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