Fail: Paleo Sandwich Bread

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Original Inspiration:

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What I Did: My husband and I did a 30 day cleanse and decided to go paleo afterward. I was missing sandwiches so I decided to try to make some bread. I’ve made bread tons of times, but never gluten and grain-free. I followed the recipe, but I felt pretty certain that there was too much flour for the amount of liquid it called for.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Paleo Sandwich Bread result
Next Time I Will: I would try, maybe, using a different type of flour. The project was not saved. There were no edible parts. It went straight in the trash!
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  1. JoDa

    So I’ve eaten a diet restricted in refined carbs (probably best to call it a low- to moderate-glycemic-index diet, for understanding purposes) for over 10 years now (literally the only thing I’ve ever been able to do to maintain a somewhat healthy weight without becoming a major a-hole as I starved or craved). One thing I’ve learned in that time is that “fake” things rarely come out well/taste good. There are *some* good options out there (Splenda actually works pretty well in some baked goods since it has the same crystalline structure as sugar; subbing up to 1/4 whole wheat flour does usually work), but most of the time, it’s better to just either come to terms with the fact that you won’t be eating the item any time soon, or save it for a cheat.

    Me, I focus on making what I *can* eat damn tasty. Dinner today: roasted lemon-herb chicken, asparagus with tasty homemade lemon vinaigrette, herbed quinoa, and lemon meringue “cookies” made with Splenda (I also like to “theme” my meals around certain flavors, as it makes it feel like a special treat of a multi-course, “designed” meal). I don’t miss bread and pasta so much if what I *am* eating tastes really, really, really good. And once every couple of weeks, I cave and have a half sandwich on high-fiber whole-wheat bread. It’s not like one slice of bread (or a few bites of whole wheat pasta or a quarter cup of high-quality gelato…of course, only *one* of these once in a while) every couple of weeks is going to totally derail me (it hasn’t in almost 11 years…).

    • spirals

      We are very similar in how we eat. I call my plan a moderate-carbohydrate plan and I’ll be eating this way forever if I want to avoid type 2 diabetes. I let myself have a sugary treat once a month or so. The only fake thing I’ve ever been able to do successfully is peanut butter cookies, which my “normal diet” friends love.

      • spirals

        Sorry, it’s not clear I was replying to JoDa.

  2. Danielle

    I would say it may not be feasible to do this in a bread maker. possibly the mixing blade thing got stuck.

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