Fail: 5 Ingredient Cookies

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What I Did: Decided to treat my Viking reenactment group to a batch of cookies for loaning me Viking gear, and thought these were too good to be true (hmm… isn’t that usually the case…). It didn’t quite work out, in fact someone mentioned it looked like fried chicken and they suddenly had a hankering for KFC.

My Result:
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Next Time I Will: I wouldn’t use cheap vegan butter next time – only the real dairy stuff. They came out greasy and rock hard.


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  1. AA

    Vegan “butter” would be more like vegetable shortening, only not the same consistency.

    When baking, I would suggest using no substitutes. Use real dairy butter if called for, or shortening, or vegetable oil, whatever the recipe asks. You’re likely to just waste ingredients otherwise.

  2. Shari D

    It has been said that cooking is an art, but “Baking” is a science, and I think this is a great example of why that holds true! Art can be whatever you want it to be when you make your own, but science is an entirely different animal! It demands precision in order to return precise results every time. You can substitute item for item (if you want to try) but be prepared to get completely new results if you do! Many great new products have been discovered this way, but in order to achieve precision in results, you MUST follow the directions!!
    Cooking can easily be done by the “pinch and handful” method when adding ingredients, but baking requires precise measurement of most ingredients, with measuring cups, spoons, etc., as well as the use of specific ingredients that have certain properties, such as leavening of some kind for rising, or fats for providing flavor, flakiness or tenderness, but to be sure of the end results, you must follow the directions consistently.

    Sometimes you can substitute something else for certain ingredients, but you have to be prepared for different results in one area or another. Substituting butter-flavor shortening for butter is one of the more common ones, but, it’s not going to get you the same results in texture or flavor, because in reality, it’s not a 1:1 substitution in every case, so you need to consult the package directions in order to have​ the correct amounts. Hydrogenated vegetable oil (shortening) doesn’t have the same properties as butter when exposed to high heat such as that found in ovens, so doesn’t always come out the same in baking. In the long run, when baking, it pays to stick to the recipes as written, and not substitute anything, unless the recipe provides certain options. Or, you end up with a pile of wasted ingredients, and the expense of a redo!

    When cooking, feel free to make substitutions, additions, leave something out or use a little more of something else. But, when baking, be sure to stick to the recipe, at least the first time, to see how it’s intended to come out. Then decide if you want to try any changes to it. But leave the basic structure of the product intact, and maybe try changing a flavor , like different nuts, chips, a spice, liquid flavoring extracts, etc.

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