Fail: 5 Ingredient Cookies

Pin Reaper: Court

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail 5 Ingredient Cookies inspiration

What I Did: Decided to treat my Viking reenactment group to a batch of cookies for loaning me Viking gear, and thought these were too good to be true (hmm… isn’t that usually the case…). It didn’t quite work out, in fact someone mentioned it looked like fried chicken and they suddenly had a hankering for KFC.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail 5 Ingredient Cookies result

Next Time I Will: I wouldn’t use cheap vegan butter next time – only the real dairy stuff. They came out greasy and rock hard.


Pinterest Fail 5 Ingredient Cookies storyboard


  1. AA

    Vegan “butter” would be more like vegetable shortening, only not the same consistency.

    When baking, I would suggest using no substitutes. Use real dairy butter if called for, or shortening, or vegetable oil, whatever the recipe asks. You’re likely to just waste ingredients otherwise.

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