Fail: Homemade Samoas

Pin Reaper: Melissa Robinson

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Homemade Samoas inspiration

What I Did: We followed the instructions to a tee, except for the cookie cutters which to a college student were a wine glass and a shot glass. The caramel thickened and stuck to our fingers and not the cookie.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Homemade Samoas result

Next Time I Will: buy a box! Actually, we decided the best change would to keep the caramel mixture in the double boiler.
Pinterest Fail Homemade Samoas storyboard


  1. AA

    That looks good, though.

  2. CT

    Mine came out that way, too. I ended up making bars with the rest of the dough that I was too frustrated to make more cookies out of.

  3. Jen

    Who cares how they look? How do they TASTE?

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