Fail: Straighten Hair With No Heat

Pin Reaper: Vanessa Hasslinger

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Straighten Hair With No Heat inspiration

What I Did: So, I saw this pin on Pinterest; it said that after you showered if you used 1 cup of water mixed with 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar, spray it all in your hair with a spray bottle, and let your hair air-dry, your hair would be completely straight. I wanted to try this so that way I wouldn’t have to get up early in the morning to straighten my hair before school.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Straighten Hair With No Heat result

Next Time I Will: I wouldn’t try this again. It got my bathroom floor, counter, and walls all sticky, and it didn’t straighten my hair at all. It just made it more curly. I don’t think you can change this recipe. Maybe there is something else that would work better to straighten hair. For now, I will get up to straighten my hair. 🙂

Pinterest Fail Straighten Hair With No Heat storyboard


  1. Sheila

    Not sure how sugar water would straighten your hair. But why straighten it anyway? My hair is straight as a stick, and I would KILL for curls!

  2. Mooshki

    I agree – your natural hair is gorgeous!!! Of course, it’s up to you, but in your place I’d keep the curls. 🙂

  3. Olivia

    BE YOURSELF!!!!! I love your hair just the way it is

  4. Emily

    I think this works better if you have light, slightly wavy hair. I haven’t used this exact recipe, but if I leave anything in my hair to weigh it down, brush and then air dry, it comes out straight. I just needs a little help to come out straight. This really depends on hair type in my opinion.

  5. Sam

    Sounds like a scene from The Parent Trap. “Trust me… brown sugar is what you need to spray on our hair “

  6. Observant

    Just saying – there’s a straightener *in the picture* of the supposedly non-heat-straightened hair!

  7. Dolores guevara

    Espero hacer este truco y ojalá no se llene de hormigas mi cabello por lo el azúcar morena

  8. Jewels

    I’m thinking that whoever posted that was trolling just to screw with people. One – I can’t think of any reason sugar would straighten hair, and two, as Observant pointed out, *there’s a bloody straightener in the background* of the original pic. I’ve seen lots of hair types straightened, and there is *no* way the original pic is due to sugar.

  9. Bec

    Looks like a scam or trick post. No way hair would turn out that straight without heat..and just using sugar..sugar is sticky and glues hair strands

    • ShariD57

      Not only that, but would likely attract insects like ants, and bees, and things like that! I can’t imagine why anyone would think this works – it’s almost like “ClickBait” to me! Plus, since the obvious heat producing hair straightener is in the picture, that pretty much tells the tale right there! Of course, if pressed, I’m sure they would claim it was never used. And not being able to prove otherwise, you’d likely lose that end of the argument!

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