Fail: Candy Cane Nails

Pin Reaper: Kristin

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Candy Cane Nails inspiration

What I Did: It was a crisp night, the kids were in bed, and nothing good was on television, so I decided to make my nails festive for the upcoming day. I saw the Pinterest picture and thought, “Hey! That seems easy enough.” Well… as you can see, this is a case of leave it to the professionals!

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Candy Cane Nails result

Next Time I Will: I would pay someone to do it next time.

Pinterest Fail Candy Cane Nails storyboard


  1. Tia

    From the looks of the original pin it seems like they used washi tape, or that super thin nail tape to get crisp lines. Deff user error.

  2. Hazel

    You paint them one Color, let them dry, than place nail strips on, paint the second Color than remove the strips and add your top coat.

  3. Nerissa

    Looks like the fail nails were done freehand, whereas the original pin probably used some kind of tape on top of the white to achieve the straight lines… Next time you will: Use medical tape/Scotch Tape or other to get neat lines.

  4. Amy

    Yep, user error. If you read the pin instructions, the original person used scotch tape to mark off the lines and then painted the white.

  5. Hadley

    The user error wasn’t just free-handing the stripes! Look at the base color! It’s smeared all around the cuticles. This person was in a hurry and didn’t take the time necessary to make the original pin.

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