1. Anonymous

    Other than needing to clean up your fingers the polish looks good!

  2. JMS

    Did you read all the instructions? You’re suppose to put Vaseline on your skin and then use polish remover to get off any polish that got onto your skin. Then put a top coat on your nails. You cant do half the instructions then claim its a fail.

  3. Jane

    This made me laugh so hard.

  4. emily

    You missed two steps actually but funny.

  5. Sheila

    However, the swirled color on your fingers is lovely

  6. Rosie Davis

    Lol! If you put scotch tape around your fingers and don’t dip them in that far the results actually are beautiful. When all done take a Q-tip and nail polish remover and dip theW-tip in remover & remove access polish and they will be very pretty

  7. Zoe

    funny fail but if you did it correctly it wouldn’t have come out like that.

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