Fail: DIY Etched Soap Bottle

Pin Reaper: Jenn

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail DIY Etched Soap Bottle inspiration

What I Did: I followed the tutorial, which sounded so easy! I let the etching cream set. When I washed it off, I saw what MY product looked like and my husband and I laughed so hard we cried – lol.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail DIY Etched Soap Bottle result.jpg

Next Time I Will: I think for the next try (which is affordable since the bottle was only $1.24 at Walmart) I will put the “dish soap” outline through my sticker maker and stick it really well to the glass! Then the cream won’t leak and smudge like this time – haha

.Pinterest Fail DIY Etched Soap Bottle storyboard


  1. ABarth

    I think it still turned out pretty neat! 🙂 The lettering just looks like its a different font that’s all, it makes it look unique! ^_^

  2. Hadley

    Use clear Contact paper to cut out the letters. Remove the paper backing from the Contact paper and stick it to the bottle on the desired spot. Peel it off after the etching cream sets and it will come out perfect.

  3. Rachael.


  4. Lorie

    Really? Interesting that it failed so much it turned your lowercase letters to upper-case!

    • Rachael

      Isn’t the photo with the lower case letters the original post though…

  5. Rachael

    I think the bottle with lower case letters is the original post…

  6. Eric

    I recently found your site and am already a fan! I am reaching out to sites I like and want to see if you would provide feedback on my etching supplies if I sent them to you free. Any interest? Shipping of the supplies will be free as well. I look forward to hearing from you. I can’t wait to hear from you! Eric

  7. Spayer

    Follow the directions. Freehanding things never comes out as precise.

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