Fail: Baby Christmas Photo

Pin Reaper: Jillian

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Baby Christmas Photo inspiration

What I Did: My sister and I tried to recreate this Christmas photo with our babies for a Christmas card. However, trying to get a couple of four months old to cooperate proved to be much more difficult than we realized.

My Result:
Pinterest Fail Baby Christmas Photo result

Next Time I Will: We spent an hour or so trying to get this one photo, but all we ended up with was two cranky babies and the realization that it’s nearly impossible to get a picture with one baby smiling at the camera, let alone both of them – maybe next year.

Pinterest Fail Baby Christmas Photo storyboard


  1. Ds

    I tried so many Pinteresty type pics of my twins when they were babies, I gave up.

  2. Samantha

    I like yours so much better! The look on their faces! It’s just so much more realistic that I can imagine sitting down and looking at that in twenty years and getting a laugh. Better memories.

  3. Hermione

    Not a fail at all!

  4. Denalees

    When it comes to baby pictures, there is no failure! You little ones are just perfect !

  5. Ally

    My graphic designer fiancee says that this photo was absolutely photoshopped and that no one should feel bad if they cant make their own photos look exactly like this entirely fabricated one.

  6. myk

    Disclaimer: following lines are supposed to be constructive, not hateful or disrespectful in any way. Now with that out of the way, here goes.
    Well for your picture you need to improve this:
    1. lighting – there are at least two lights on the original picture and both of them are diffuse, not direct.
    2. composition – and this actually breaks down to some more bullet points:
    2.1 clothing – too many colors that don’t go well together (green and pink), that white flower on the right kid’s head, it just screams “plain” whereas on the original photo the kid’s clothing is unusual
    2.2 decorations – the lights are white, on white background they are very hard to discern. The blue boubels seem very random (they don’t fit with anything color-vise). Also the “set” in the original photo is carefully constructed to make it clear it’s Christmas – kids have winter caps, there’s “snow” on the ground and the whole color scheme is white, red and green – typical of christmas. Your set has no cohesion whatsoever.
    2.3 Camera position – if you take pictures of small objects or subjects from your point of view they will appear weird. Get on your knees and take pics from the level of the given object or subject. For people and animals a good guideline is to take pictures from their eye level. If you do this you will also notice that the surroundings will suddenly look better because you won’t be seeing it from the top on the picture.
    3. And last but not least is postprocessing – if you want your background white you either set your camera exposure compensation or do it in the editor later to have some headroom to work with. Also the original picture has contrast and maybe saturation bumped.
    So there you go, it’s quite a lot of small steps but they all contribute to what is a really good picture.

  7. Anenet

    I also like yours much more! it’s more realistic, it’s cuter, it’s more lively.
    the poster babies don’t excite me. to your picture I can relate.

  8. Joy

    This is so cute! I hate posed pictures, if you think back to your moms old school photo albums (the ones with the pictures always falling out) the “fails” were always the best and the posed ones usually got handed out to distant relatives that you just felt bad for never calling! Your babies are rock stars!!!

  9. erin plumber

    I’m not sure why parents ever think they can simply recreate all these cute images they see taken by professional photographers… that’s why they are professionals, because they know how to do these things. It’s way, way more than simply doing a good job of image manipulation after the fact. It’s the right equipment and lighting – most likely in a studio, it’s having a huge amount of patience, waiting for the right moment and dealing with inevitable pee, poo and spit up, it’s having the proper props and probably several helpers – and then yes – there’s the post processing skills to make it all look perfect. A lot of those cute hands under chin or baby in a basket (helmet, bucket etc.) photos aren’t even safe to do without proper support for the baby and *should* always be composite images to ensure the baby isn’t endangered in the process…

    -photographer, but not babies, not enough patience for that.

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