Fail: Spider-Man Candy Apples

Pin Reaper: Jen Holmes

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Spider-Man Candy Apples inspiration

What I Did: My son loves Spider-Man! It was Halloween and we just came back from the orchard. I thought, “What’s a great way to use up some of these apples?” I Went on to Pinterest to find some inspiration. I think mine is much better than the original. Nailed it!

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Spider-Man Candy Apples result

Next Time I Will: maybe wait for the candy to cool more before attempting the decorating.

Pinterest Fail Spider-Man Candy Apples storyboard


  1. Sarah

    I learned the hard was also that gel icing doesn’t harden . . . lol

  2. Sheila

    I like the drippy look of the black. Almost tie dyed!

  3. Amie

    My five year old son asked if the second picture was of a “dead Spiderman apple.”

  4. Ann-Marie

    Looks like candy may not have reached correct temperature. And you have to use regular black icing, gel icing will melt and drip right off apple.

  5. lisa

    You have to clean the wax off of your apples by dipping them for 10 seconds in boiling water then wiping wax off. Also make sure your candy hits the cracking stage (300°-302°). I done this on my first candy apple attempt lol I had a huge mess.

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