Reanimated: Bunny Rolls

Name: Julie

Original Inspiration:

What I Did: My aunt suggested we make these for Easter. Looked easy enough… just a couple snips with scissors. Unfortunately that caused pointy ears and the rest is history. She thinks they look like Darth Vader, I think they look like evil cats.

My Result:

pinterest fail easter bunny rolls

Next Time I Will: I think there is no way this project could be saved. Look at the rounded ears!


  1. Me

    The pin was bound to fail! The original picture is actually cookies, not bread. It’s just gotten misattributed over the years.

  2. Denalees

    I wonder if after the snip the ears, that some molding of the ears helps make them round?

  3. Procrastinateher

    It looks like you tried cutting the ears AFTER the rolls were cooked – whether by you, or the store.

    I don’t think the ears would become rounded on their own unless the roll did a lot of expanding in the oven. I reckon if you had something round and sharp, like the edge of an apple corer, you could make cute round floopsy ears.

  4. SmallerPlaces

    This one was never going to work, as the original Pin rabbits weren’t made by the technique claimed for them. The photo was traced to a bakery (maybe in Japan?) that was making the bunny rolls in molds.

  5. Johnnie J

    I have never heard of anyone using this and it actually comes out okay. And many people have tried.

  6. Lara

    I also think the pin was bound to fail, but I don’t think any kind of shaped rolls would work with brown-n-serve rolls, which it looks like the submitter used.

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