Fail: Backyard Shade

Pin Reaper: Aimee N

Original Inspiration:

Pinterest Fail Backyard shade inspiration

What I Did: I attempted to make the backyard shade canopy. However, it was a total failure! The bamboo poles couldn’t hold the weight of the tarp I used, causing it to be saggy and floppy. I attempted to make this the day before my annual Labor Day picnic. My family sure did get a kick out of it.

My Result:

Pinterest Fail Backyard shade result

Next Time I Will: Use wooden poles in place of bamboo.

Pinterest Fail Backyard shade storyboard



  1. Neriad13

    The dog seems to be heartily enjoying it.

  2. Storm

    Attach the tarp to your actual house, THEN attach it to a strong base. My dad did this every summer so I could play in my kiddie pool for hours on end without getting sunburnt.

  3. Kerry Day

    You used tarps rather than fabric so yes, it is heavy and will FAIL. I was very surprised to see this is supposed to be a “budget” home decor item, because I figure, even if you have the tools, it costs almost $500 USD to make this. This is all from Home Depot and JoAnne’s, and you even have to get someone to buy half your bamboo. I used the cheapest material I could find that most closely resembled the stuff used in the instructions. It does not include soil, cable ties, or plants:

    3 80-lb. bags cement mix = $11.70

    4 lengths Schedule 40 PVC pipe = $30.00

    4 22″ to 24″ tapered planters, 10″ diameter at base = $289.36 (cheapest Icould find that resembled the original)

    40-lb. bag of gravel $3.35

    4 8′ bamboo poles = $40.39 for half a bundle

    3 yards outdoor fabric, 54″ wide = $74.97

    Grommet kit = $7.96

    TOTAL COST = $472.48

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