Fail: DIY Garden Fairy Houses

Pin Reaper: LuAnn

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What I Did: We used hot glue. We glued little flat rocks to a milk carton. We grouted it…The rocks fell off in sheets….We laughed. We will try grouting again next weekend. Wish us luck.

My Result:result

Next Time I Will:  Perhaps we should not have painted the milk carton first?



  1. Teki

    I *think* the trouble is the milk jug itself. The plastic is thinner and wouldn’t hold up as well as a rigid, thicker plastic water bottle.

  2. nope

    You also might not have used enough small rocks. Grout is made to fill narrow spaces, like 1/4 inch gap between tiles, not large expanses. If you have larger gaps, you can try sanded grout, but they still look much too big.

  3. Shelley

    My guess is the hot glue, especially if it is low-temp. Where I live it gets plenty hot out to have hot glue release, even the high-temp. Try epoxy glue.

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