Fail: Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

Pin Reaper: Gloria

Original Inspiration: via


What I Did: It looked like an pretty easy project, I had everything on hand. Unfortunately, it’s going in the garbage! 🙁 it’s so pretty I’m really bummed it didn’t turn out. The leafs just didn’t stick and you can’t see much light through them. It says you can use real or fake, I’d recommend definitely going the fake leaf route.. They probably would stick much better and be more transparent!

My Result:result

Next Time I Will: Use fake leaves! My project cannot be saved.. :/



  1. Tia

    I know these always call for putting things on the outside, but I’ve always had pretty fine luck doing them on the inside. Really hides the “I slopped 11 layers of mod podge onto this to make it work” that I end up doing…

    • Sheila

      Wouldn’t the leaves burn if they were on the inside?

  2. Soltatio

    Maybe less is more? Less leaves, less stems?

  3. Katie

    I used fake leaves and I struggled getting them to stick using the glue they suggested – works with a hot glue gun though!

  4. Kittentoes

    She says you can use real leaves, but she didn’t try them! I would only do this with fake leaves. They are more flexible, and you don’t have to worry about drying them out.

  5. Cheryl S.

    I tried and tried to make these with fake leaves, they don’t stick either. I tried several adhesives but they just didn’t want to stay put. I finally bought a bag of fall colored seed beads, slapped some glue on them glass babies and coated them with the beads. They stuck and looked waaaaay better.

  6. Kaitlyn

    The leaves in the original pin look awfully thin. Maybe they’re specific to location or tree type, but I imagine you’d have to find leaves just as thin. Could soaking them in water beforehand help?

  7. sheila

    I thought this was a gorgeous project that looked simple. Tried it last fall.
    Definitely use fake leaves if you try it! My project looked a lot like this with real ones.

  8. Guanchy

    i just bumped into your page through google and i have to say i love it! lol I’ve had a good laugh looking at some of these photos because it has happened to me a bunch of times. Ill be summiting some of my pinterst fails soon

  9. lulu

    Mine turned out pretty much the same…Good thing i didn’t plan my fall party around it like i had hoped!

  10. Donna

    Use fake leaves. Appears she used silk or paper leaves for hers. Coat the leaves both sides with glue (I’d suggest elmers or modpodge) wear gloves to prevent fingerprints. smooth more glue over with paintbrush. let dry completely.

  11. Alix

    I just did this. Use fake leaves. Allow the modge Podge to dry a bit on the glass before applying the leaves (this makes the surface tacky) then, you have to hold each and every leaf in place until dry and add another layer of MP.
    who says this isn’t fun?

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