1. DS

    OMG I LOOOOVE it! This is just too hilarious, don’t change it! LOLOL! Needed that laugh!!

  2. Procrastinateher

    That’s adorable.

    I would have “cheated” and just stabbed the cups onto a foam hemisphere. Only because I’d be sad that I couldn’t set up the Chemistry Christmas tree (coloured liquids in various glassware secured to a retort stand) without running out of equipment and/or it ending up as a pile of glass shards.

  3. Anomous

    I feel like thees people are not ecin trying. They just fail on pourpous just to make pinterest look bad.

  4. court

    You needed to use pointed cup like that you get from water coolers

  5. Anna

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Merry

    She used cone cups. That is how she created the rounded half spheres of the snowman.

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