Fail: Newborn Baby Photo

Pin Reaper: Katie

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What I Did: We thought this baby picture was super cute and was a great way to get both mom and dad in one picture with our newborn. It seemed easy enough – all three of us would lie down, we would give him a kiss and he would be happy! Great picture as a result! Turns out Oliver does not like kisses as much as the baby in the pinterest picture does.

My Result:





  1. Procrastinateher

    The parents in the Pin photo seem to just be pretending to kiss their baby on the cheek, no actual lip-to-baby contact there, so maybe that’s how they got it to work.

    Or they kept trying for so long, Mum and Dad fell asleep like that and the baby is smiling because it won.

  2. Mandy

    I think the baby in the Pinned photo is a bit older and it also probably took MANY shots to get the one where the kid is smiling. Photographing babies is challenging at the best of times!!

  3. Joolo

    great photos. we have 2 kids and we enjoy every moments watching them grow.

  4. DCB

    Yours will be much more fun to drag out when he brings dates home! 🙂

  5. Nick White

    i declare, Your baby is too little to appreciate the fine arts. (or receive kisses comfortable, Oliver appears to still be in an infant state. While the Child within the Pinterest photograph appears to be in a pre-toddler state, and apparently squishier.

    just something to consider :3

  6. Susan

    I think yours is pretty cute anyway!

  7. michelle

    Well, their baby is clearly not a newborn. Yours is honest and therefore…better.

  8. Kate

    Love it! Too funny (and cute!) I like pictures of my crying kids because its honest and I will for sure be showing them to my little darlings when they are older and reminding them what they put us through (and blessed us with!) Your little Oliver is sweet!

  9. gretchen

    My firstborn was the perfect little model; the second was awful at pictures (most of his infant pics look like yours!). Some babies just don’t have the patience for photography!! I’m sure he’s awesome enough – as he gets older, you’ll get photos of his genuine nature when he’s doing things he loves. Sometimes, you just can’t stage these things. Still a fun picture!!

  10. matty

    All of the photo fails are half due to lighting. You need studio lights to get good results. Far more light (in Lumens) than your household lighting. I’ve shot this type of shit before and we use 2500-5000 Watts of lights with a chromakey or maybe a speed flash. You’re not going to get this done without that.

  11. Clipping

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