Fail: Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Pin Reaper: Maureen G.

Original Inspiration:


What I Did: My youngest daughter is obsessed with pumpkins. So, for her 2nd birthday, I thought..what would be better than a pumpkin shaped cake? Nothing, that’s what.

I followed the directions on the link, but alas….it was a failure.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: What would I do next time? Buy a cake from the store.



  1. CAM

    I feel that this needs to be said;

    The cakes she made are obviously just round cakes and not bundts. Therefore, she did not follow the instructions. That’s why the cake was a failure. DUH!

  2. Heidi

    I’m sorry but you obviously did not follow the directions. Yours is not a bundt cake and you didn’t cut the top layer so it would lay flat. Did you not let the cake cool before frosting?
    I think you could have made a regular 2 layer round cake from a mix with orange frosting and it would have passed as a pumpkin. You just wouldn’t want to make the frosting along the sides smooth, and frost up and down. But you have to let it cool!

  3. Tia

    Agreed with Heidi, if you did use a bundt pan, instead of putting them flat to flat, it seems you stacked them like pool rings.

  4. Adrian

    Last minute saving grace… two ping pong balls with black dots on them and half an orange and it would sort of resemble Elmo.

  5. HM

    Auto correct fail….didn’t know how to frost a cake.

  6. mike

    wow now i know why women dont like women. you completely chastise her for making a mistake. wow… way to support your fellow woman. you are so geared to be perfect that just one mistake someone has to criticize. Good job

    • cakebaby

      this website is called Pinterest Fails. We are not criticising her as a woman; we’re letting her know why her cake did not come out the way she wanted. It’s because she didn’t follow the instructions. Instructions which are key for success. Constructive criticism is a helpful tool; blanket whining about bashing women has no place here, because no one is doing that. Notice that the comments talk about how to fix things the next time around, what techniques or products to try. There is lots of encouragement to try again or tweak a technique. You are being far too sensitive and, IMO, looking for something to get pissed off about.

    • Elle

      Things I Noticed in mike’s Comment:
      1. mike doesn’t know of any women who like women. (My gf and I are going to a lesbians’ wedding in a couple days, clearly because all women hate women. lol)

      2. mike thinks pointing out the obvious mistakes and how to avoid them constitutes a rebuke or a severe reprimand.. somehow.

      3. mike lambastes women for not supporting other women, which seems rather hypocritical given #2. At the very least mike is using the language of solidarity to mask his misogyny.

      4. mike criticizes women for being “so geared to be perfect that just one mistake someone has to criticize.”, which seems even more hypocritical/misogynist considering he is criticizing women for not measuring up to his standards.

      I wonder if he throws a fit in the comments on sites frequented by mostly men, when they troubleshoot projects and share hacks. Nah, mike is probably too busy haranguing women.

      Good job indeed mike, good job indeed.

  7. Crystal

    Maybe try icing the whole cake. It would still look kind of pumpkin like if this step happened.

  8. Jordan

    I am begging you not to post fails that aren’t real fails. this isn’t a fail! this was user error. i don’t know how much longer I can scroll through this site

  9. KK

    User error is a fail. As in, man I totally failed at this. Fail does not automatically imply that the pin is bad. It just implies a failure at making the thing.

  10. Gisy

    Wow, I used to love this site and came here often. Then forgot about this site and just started reading them again – and all I see is a bunch of people whining “That is not a fail, is user error!” “oh this is not a fail, this is a win, this is not this site is about” Good lord, people get a grip. Yes, so what it was user error? People try to do things with what they have available. Probably this woman didn’t have a Bundt cake mold, so she used what she had closest shape. So she didn’t wait for it too cool enough, maybe she didn’t have enough time and thought it would pull it off. It looks funny. That’s the point. And if it didn’t and it looked amazing, it would be great if she shared too, because I would go and try it too. Get yourselves a little happiness pill and move on.

    • Kerry Day

      When people wont take the time to wait for things to cool, or to chill them, and then call it a “fail” of Pintrest, it is a slap in the face to anyone who does things properly. I HATE it when people say it “failed” because what, it is some bourgeois affectation that housewives who want more time to eat bonbons and watch soap operas just make up that things some need to cool before moving on to the next step? That the very laws of thermodynamics that are consistent throughout the entire universe ought to suspend themselves because these oh so busy people with their oh so busy lifestyles NEED them to? I think there are way too many Pintrest posts that are incomplete and pretend they require far less skill than they actually require. It is fun to see those on this site. But people who are so entitled that they think they can ignore basic physics because they are too over-scheduled to bother with them do not deserve our sympathy. Many of us take time and care. It is disheartening to see people who do not whine about failed Pins. If you are too busy to bother doing it properly, pay someone who is skilled and takes time to do it for you. Many people are DIY because we have time but no money.

  11. Linda

    Personally i think this site is good. Now i know a cake has to cool before putting on frosting. Thanks for sharing.

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