1. Celeste

    Babies aren’t going to want to sit in a cold, wet, slimy pumpkin. I’m betting the ones that turn out well are sitting in a SUPER cleaned out pumpkin with towels and blankets and maybe even a heating pad in it.

  2. Suzy

    The first pumpkin is a fake one. Look at the stem. It’s made of foam.

  3. Stephanie

    Actually, they’re sitting in a fake pumpkin. Most craft stores sell them around Halloween for those who do not do “goop”.

  4. SK

    I actually have a picture of my baby in a pumpkin like this. They did them at daycare, and I know the pumpkin was real, because I’m the one who bought it 🙂 Apparently my son loved sitting in the pumpkin and was hamming it up for the camera, but most of the other babies hated it (as expected). So it does work for some babies, even with a real pumpkin!

  5. Crystal

    That pumpkin goop can burn skin if it’s sensitive.

  6. Lara

    Also, notice the difference in sizes of the leg-holes. The original ones are roomy, and the kid’s legs naturally slip through, rather than having to be threaded through holes they can barely fit through. Any kid will be crying by the time you try to force their legs through itty-bitty holes.

  7. Sarah

    haha we saw this last year and tried it too, with a real pumpkin. It was huge and we didn’t cut leg holes just plopped the baby in. Thank god for digital cameras – I have 50 odd photos of him screaming cause the pumpkin was cold and slimy, and 1 totally awesome photo where he looks like he’s smiling and enjoying the experience. Complete luck. I put it on Facebook and it’s probably traumatized more parents and babies since then.

  8. Esss

    Naked baby in October?? Are you mad??

    • Elle

      Where I live we get 80-90F days in October. I wonder if people do this to babies with watermelon rinds.

      But even on a warm day, I wouldn’t do this to a baby with real pumpkin, unless maybe the baby was previously exposed to raw pumpkin and had smeared it all over their own skin without an adverse reaction. Raw squash irritates my skin, I have to wear gloves to handle it. Cooked is fine.

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