Fail: 2 Ingredient Pancakes

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pinterest fail two ingredient pancakes inspiration


What I Did: A friend had mentioned these pancakes to me a while back with a disaster story of her own (she poured soya sauce, instead of maple syrup all over them… whoops!) So I thought I’d give them a go, what with my bananas browning like crazy in the heat and the fruit flies eyeing them.

I did not add the optional cinnamon, but otherwise followed the ‘recipe’ to a T. I kept waiting for them to bubble so I could flip them… no bubbles formed, but I knew after 5 minutes that they were never going to bubble and were most definitely going to burn. Attempting to flip them over resulted in banana scrambled eggs. Delicious with greek yogurt and raspberries, but I would not serve these to anyone!

My Result:

pinterest fail two ingredient pancakes result

Next Time I Will: Make normal pancakes, full of flour, sugar and butter.

pinterest fail two ingredient pancakes


  1. DS

    That’s why I like “Complete” types of pancakes (Aunt Jemima Complete): just add water.

  2. Shelle

    I made these last year for my kids. What could be easier, 2 ingredients right?
    Wroooong. They stuck, they burnt and the kids hated the flavour. Next time bring on the flour and sugar and the good things pancakes are supposed to have!

  3. mia

    This is ridiculous. I make these all the time. One egg per banana, mix with stick mixer and use butter in the pan.

    How hard can it be?

  4. Karen

    Try 3 ingredient using almond flour or chickpea flour. must oil griddle & unlike regular pancakes you have to mix really well so the egg gives them ‘lift’.

  5. Jessie

    I make these all the time too, they always turn out just fine. Maybe you need a better pan or more butter in your pan?

    • Kerry Day

      Supposed to be dairy free? Butter is made of dairy products.

  6. Ashes7727

    I tried to make these too but i used 2 bananas and 1 egg and it looked and smelled like whole wheat bread.

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