1. V

    That’s terrible. I hope you refused to pay for it.

  2. Shonda

    Please tell me you didn’t pay for this!!!

  3. DS

    Reeeeally hope u got a refund! LOL

  4. SmallerPlaces

    Your professional baker didn’t have the professionalism to tell you that she didn’t know how to work in fondant. It looks like some of your layers might be buttercream frosting, and then she had no idea how to do a clean wrap in fondant. (I don’t, either, but I also don’t decorate cakes for people because I know I’m incompetent at it!)

  5. AA

    I hope you sent this to Cake Wrecks!

    • AH

      I agree!! This is a Cake Wrecks worthy cake! Love that site. Sorry you had to have a terrible cake though.

  6. Storm

    I don’t know how this “professional” could have looked at this and thought it was acceptable for a client! I’d have been so embarrassed and ashamed!

  7. Adrian

    Tequila es muy bueno.

  8. crystal

    OMG as an amateur attempting to become a professional baker, this cake makes me cry. How anyone claiming to be a professional could deliver that horrible horrible mess and expect to be paid, Omg. A real professional would never ever have even accepted the order, knowing their limits and skills (or lack thereof) just wow. And to receive that for the party with probably no real time to go get or make something better…..my heart breaks.

  9. cakebaby

    “professional”?? Oh dear. I hope you were well compensated for this amateur mess.

  10. J

    I thought this was another cute fail-at-home job until I read it. Professional baker, huh? That’s just diabolical to make that and expect to get paid a professional rate for it.

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