Fail: Sugar Cookie Tacos

Pin Reaper: Mira Brownfield

Original Inspiration: via

pinterest fail sugar cookie tacos inspiration

What I Did: Cinco de mayo dessert for the kids, fruit tacos seemed ideal. Tried from scratch dough and store bought dough. Every kind broke when being draped over rolling pin, lightly cooked, partially raw, it didn’t matter.

My Result:

pinterest fail sugar cookie tacos result

Next Time I Will: No idea. Not sugar cookie dough?

pinterest fail sugar cookie tacos


  1. jennifer c.

    It looks like your cookies might be too thin.

  2. Vig

    Looks like user error too, if you read the instructions they say it works best if you invert the round shape- rather then laying the half-baked cookie dough on the rolling pin as in the illustration picture create a “valley” to put it into.

    Quote from the instruction link above:
    “3. Bake cookies until lightly golden, but still soft, 7-9 min. Gently remove cookies from baking sheet and IMMEDIATELY drape over rounded forms (I found it easier to invert the forms, instead of laying it on top of the rounded form I put 2 rolls next to each other and draped the tinfoil over them pushing down in the middle, then I place the cookie in the middle, they did not break that way…. Clear as mud???? sorry)”

    Doing these in something like a baguette baking tray (you know those trays that look like corrugated roof?) would probably be easiest?

    • Laurie

      or a taco serving tray?

  3. Erika Gomez

    Maybe make “soft” tacos with pancake mix “tortillas”?

  4. ellie

    How about keeping the sugar cookie base flat and just making a fruit pizza? It’s fantastic and so much easier than dealing with making “taco” shells.

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