User Error: Truck Bed Bestie Photo

[Is this inspiration image really being repinned in a non-ironic way?]

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What I Did: Bestie photo shoots are so trendy on Pinterest. And so is everything country and vintage. So, Dani and I decided let’s DIY the crap out of a photo that we saw on Pinterest! Easy enough, right? All we need is our friendship, some great hair, a pickup truck, and someone to take the picture! Look at these girls! Those shorts are ON POINT! And those boots and perfectly not perfect locks? Um, yes please. Even chicks with broken arms can participate in photos like these (see far right). I bet she broke her arm while not being basic and totally rocking out to some Brad Paisley.

Dani and I decided to do a little photo shoot on the evening of the 4th of July, because nothing is more patriotic that our undying love for one another. We put on our shorts, patriotic tops, and climbed in the rusty truck bed of a 1974 Chevy Cheyenne. This truck is like way vintage, so this photograph was obviously going to trump the Pinterest shot.

My amazing husband decided to play photographer. He didn’t understand what the heck was happening, but just went along with it and started shooting photos as we barked orders from the truck bed.

Blog Post Detailing The Experience:

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Sadly, the resulting image was less than desirable. Here is what went wrong:

We forgot cowboy boots.
We didn’t rock coordinating pastels.
We didn’t hold hands.
We look like corpses with amazing calves.
It was too dark.
We didn’t use an SLR. We used Snapchat.

I’m sure this project can be cute. It was probably major user error.



  1. JSmith

    What does “Is this inspiration image really being repinned in a non-ironic way?” mean?

    Nice jobs ladies! I enjoy your sense of humor.

    • Jenna

      I think I’m not one who understands the long hair+truck bed+cowboy boot culture!

  2. Elle Michelle

    What shorts?

  3. Nikki

    I think it would have helped if you weren’t “4th of July Drunk”. We’ve all been there. Next time you’ll nail it ladies 😉

  4. lalaloo

    Sooooooo why would you take the pic at night? With only one friend? Would have been cute it you came up with a pose for 2 people. I want to try this with my friends… looks pretty cool. Guess I like truck long hair short shorts and boots theme. Very whiskacal and vodkarific….

  5. Ribbons

    Photography at night is really hard without the right equipment! Your best bet would be to try again on a sunny day and park the vehicle in the shade of a tree. You could try for early morning light as well since it won’t be too harsh. Evening light can add a nice hue to your image if you do it an hour or so before sunset. (Just not in the shade.) Pay attention to where the light is pointing, like if it’s behind the vehicle your subjects will be too dark. Also pay attention to your background. The original image has a very plain repetitive background so the ladies and the truck stand out.
    You can still get a good photo even if you use a camera phone, Don’t use the flash, it creates terrible lighting. Try to keep your camera still and take several shots or find a way to sit it on something and get an app with a timer.
    Camera pictures aren’t perfect and I prefer my DSLR but you can still get some nice shots and apps with filters are fun too!
    Try again! <3

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