Fail: Glow Jars

Pin Reaper: Chesney

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What I Did: My sweet mother wanted to show the little ones in our family how she “magically” caught fairies and how beautiful they are. She followed all the directions to the T and it did not come out quite as expected. The little ones all still loved it though.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Possibly instead of using water maybe use clear hand soap.



  1. Alex

    Every time I read the line he/she/I/they “followed the instructions to the T” I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. The instructions used tulle or no tulle and NO water.

  2. Jules

    Ooops, she didn’t exactly follow the instructions to a T. You don’t add water or any kind of fluid for that matter. The chemicals from the glow sticks stick to the glass. If you add water you will of course wash them off.

  3. ktr

    I agree the instructions were not followed to a T. There was no water in the instructions. But she does say that the tulle is optional and she makes one jar without tulle as an example.

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