Fail: Fourth of July Fudge

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What I Did: So it’s the Fourth of July and my family is at the lake. I’m not the most “nationally festive” person (Especially with the World Cup being so recent and me being a die-hard England fan… specifically for Liverpool FC) to live on the earth, but I decide, “Hey! I’ll attempt socialization with the neighbors, because the past morning I hid inside a closet instead of opening the door to them, despite them knowing I was in there. Everything started out okay, and I put the evaporated milk, sugar, and butter on the stove. The recipe said to put the mix on a medium heat and add marshmallow and white chocolate in when it starts to boil. I did so, but soon noticed that the mix wasn’t white and was instead a sand color. I ignored it and stirred for the five minutes and took it off the stove. Next I separated the mix into three bowls, and added the red and white to two of the three bowls. I accidentally spilled half of the blue dye into the bowl. The red part came out pretty cool though. I then layered the colors in a tupperware box and stuck it in the freezer for half an hour. I tried to cut it but… Let’s just say i’m never doing that again. Ever.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I wouldn’t set the dang stove on high or accidentally spill half the bottle of blue food dye in the mix, and let it cool overnight. You know. I think i’ll just ignore my sugar tooth and eat a salad instead.


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