Fail: Campfire Cones

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What I Did: We were going on a family vacation that usually involves several nights around a bonfire, so I was trying to think of something different to do instead of s’mores every night for dessert. Thought this would be perfect, so everyone could add what they wanted, plus it sounded delicious. Seemed pretty simple, did what was suggested, including “tossing it on the fire”. Apparently that was too hot for these cones.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: After several attempts and failures, we figured out it takes longer but they will melt without burning if you put them around the edges and not actually *in* the fire. We also discovered if you leave a little vent hole in the tin foil, the cook time (around the edge, not in the fire) is shortened.



  1. Melanie

    This is definitely user error. If she read through the directions on the site, she would see that you aren’t supposed to literally “toss them in the fire,” but rather “Wrap securely with foil and place over heat near campfire or on grill to allow the chocolates to melt.”

  2. Jenny

    Thanks Captain Obvious. ^^^

  3. Cali

    WOW the sass^^

  4. Rebecca

    Oh goodness! That is a hilarious fail! I probably would have done the SAME thing! Looks good, I might want to try these treats in the oven!

  5. Robertito

    Seriously, though, Google “damper on a stick”. It’s a great campfire desert (make a sweetish dough with sultanas in it, have butter to hand) and it’s Australian. People love Australian things. (Also, make the lump of dough on the end thin, or patience will wear out before it’s done (Also, also, don’t make a lump, but use the snake-up-a-drainpipe method)).

    • Nicii

      Looove damper!

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