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What I Did: I have a dress and a few shirts with very low back necklines. As someone who caries an F cup bust, going braless (or even finding a dependable low back bra) is not an option. This pin gave a super quick solution to my problem. I made my own bra hook hardware with hooks and eyes and a bit of interfaced fabric which I attached to the elastic instead of using pre-made hardware.

The photos shows the bra’s horizontal strap relative to my tattoo- the upper part of my tattoo is generally even with the upper edge of the horizontal strap.

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My Result:


Next Time I Will: I think this is a great idea, but its success depends on your weight. The elastic will sit at the narrowest point of your body naturally, and the heavier you are, the higher that point will be. I am heavier, so my natural waistline is a bit higher, meaning the bra strap does not get pulled down as far as on someone much thinner.



  1. Hazel

    I was thinking of trying this, but as a chunky lady…I now know this won’t work for me.

  2. amandawicked

    It would have probably worked better if woman B had longer shoulder straps like woman A

  3. Emily

    Heavier people do not necessarily have natural waistlines that are higher. Lighter people can have this difference as well. I am quite thin, and there is no way that would ever stay at my natural waist just because of my shape.

  4. Jessica

    To me, it looks like it didn’t work because you might be wearing the wrong size bra, not because of your body. The band should be much lower…it’s riding up so high in the back because it’s too big on you.

    See how on the model, the clasps of her bra are several inches apart, but in your photo they’re nearly touching?

  5. Maryade

    I would agree with Jessica, a bra should be worn much lower on the back and should not ride up on the back. That does suggest an incorrect bra size.

  6. Moose

    I think what’s actually going on here is that the original photo shows the bra straps have been lengthened significantly to allow the added strap to criss-cross lower down on their body. Their bra normally shouldn’t sit that low on their body 🙂

  7. Eliz

    Not to criticize Deb, but maybe help: I agree with Moose, and Deb, I think it might work a bit better if you lengthen your bra straps to the longest they will go. Good luck!

  8. Cassie Hargett

    It looks hard. But I’ll keep this in mind. I’m used to using adhesive bras so this is not a problem for me. But you’ll never know when you’ll need to know how to do this.

  9. Lou

    Hey Deb, I’d be interested to know how well this hack worked, in terms of how supportive it is as a bra. I’d like to try a it but, with having G-cups, it’s hard enough to get a really supportive lift. Do you feel it gives enough of a hold?

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