Win: Colored Ice

Pin Reaper: J Thomas

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What I Did: Since we were having an epic winter in IL – I decided that we could try this. With several days of below zero w/windchill – I figured there was no way this wouldn’t freeze all the way. Only problem was – the only balloons I had were ones that had little LED lights in them (yeah – I love glow/light up stuff!). So I put in the water w/food coloring and left them out. Ended up a bit lopsided, but looked amazing! Added bonus – the LED lights totally glowed at night for around 2 weeks (freaked out my neighbors a bit too!).

My Result:


Next Time I Will: I would use larger balloons and stretch them out really well before I did it. Food coloring & water were spattered everywhere. And I’d definitely wear an apron…



  1. DS

    I wanna see a pic of these at night! Love this!

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