Fail: Sleepy Bear Omelette

[Editor’s Note: This is one of my favorite Fails of all time. I laugh so hard every time I look at that broccoli bear’s creepy face.]

Pin Reaper: Lee Jackson

Original Inspiration: via


What I Did: I actually placed the first image on Facebook cheekily pretending I had made it on a holiday weekend and everyone was very impressed. I then thought ‘I can duplicate this, how hard can it be ?’ I decided I would use what I had it my ‘store cupboard’ and fridge (spoken like a true Pinterester) and gathered items to make a cute bear head. Putting aside the omelette going stone cold while you bugger about creating a face I don’t think broccoli was entirely the best choice for a fur texture and teaming it with pine nuts gave the whole creation a strong ‘rotting, nerd, zombie, psycho bear’ vibe. Not so much ‘arrrrah, how cute’ and more ‘ARRRRRAAHHH WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?’

My Result:


Next Time I Will: What would I do differently? Just eat the food.



  1. blu_canary

    Bahahahahaha! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* Bahahahaha!

    The thing I love the absolute most about this one, is that it shows the pinner had artistry and talent…just not the right materials. And the things that happen in our heads are not always so easy to replicate on a plate.

    A true, brilliant Pinterest fail.

  2. DS

    I can’t breeeeeeeeeethe! Lololololololol!!

  3. Lafayette

    Nightmares! Nightmares!

  4. Julie

    …I actually prefer the scary zombie bear over the cute sleepy one.

  5. Sami

    Oh man! I laughed so much at this..that veggie bear is so scary and funny! Thanks for failing!

  6. Admirer

    This one made my day!

  7. MesqSandra

    Not so much FAIL as . . . reinterpreted. I cleared a lung on this one. Thanks for belly laughs!

  8. Arashi

    Pfft…. That probably looks like me when someone wakes me up prematurely.

  9. AA

    Can’t sleep! bear will eat me! LOL

  10. lmmiske

    Oh, I love it!!!! Perfect for Halloween morning. πŸ˜›

  11. Jessica

    This is terrifying and wonderful all at the same time!

  12. Kuba

    Meagan Heath – Great pictures! Love the one with her veil finylg! I made the MR. and Mrs. signs! πŸ™‚ I made it for my wedding last October. I will make you one too! I also used in my own wedding the umbrella that Melissa had but I painted it with Thank You for my thank you notes!

  13. Michelle

    I laughed till I cried and laughed some more. This was the best thing I have seen in forever. Fantasti! Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  14. Christi Hicks

    Still laughing, lol. I have had an awful morning but you just made my whole day. Hey did you put this one on facebook too lol?

  15. Andrea B

    This is so hilarious!! I’ve literally got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

  16. Sarah

    Thanks for the Horror Bear! I’m still laughing!!!! But PLEASE: Don’t show it your kids πŸ˜€

  17. audrey

    I kinda like it!! HAHAHAHAH@!! cant stop LOL ing..

    i khnow how it feels when ur brain jst ” forced” to add the little tinge of creativity and hate urself by not following the book !

  18. Mary

    This is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. I keep coming back to this page to see that horrifying bear again, thinking it might be less funny than I remembered…nope still makes me laugh until I almost pass out. I would die seeing that on my plate first thing in the morning…

    …can you open up some sort of themed restaurant?

  19. Tara

    I actually lol’ed! A lot! Thanks for making my day!

  20. Canon

    I couldn’t sleep tonight so I’ve spent hours looking at these fails and laughed loudly and uncontrolably a good while seeing this one! O.M.G. Broccoli? No way that was ever gonna work. Freaking hysterical all around.

  21. Nette

    Walked into the other room to tell my husband to come look at it. Couldn’t even talk, I was doubled over laughing so hard. Not a safe site for those with asthma….this fail almost did me in! lol

  22. ali grace

    HAHAHAHAHA thats fantastic love it!!

  23. DVR

    This is an old fail but I feel like I must correct it anyway. Pinner had all the right ingredients necessary to make a cute bear except they just put them all in the wrong spots.
    How to fix and make cute:
    1) Take the pupil off the eye. There’s a reason the original pin has a sleeping bear. Pupils and eyebrows give expression. Do a Google search on cartoon expressions before doing more with pupils and eyebrows.
    2) Slightly round off the top edge of the rest of the eye. Relocate to the ears.
    3) Eat the middle pine nuts. The one protruding one makes it look weird. Nudge the two that don’t protrude to the middle. The bear now has cute buck teeth. Be sure to leave a tiny gap between them.
    4) Move the eyebrows down a bit. Those are now your eyes. Bears don’t usually have eyebrows. They have fur all over.
    5) Snip off the top part of the nose. The nose is a human nose. This makes the bear look like a human-bear hybrid. Not cute… Quite disturbing. Bears have round noses.
    The brocolli actually looks like it works just fine as a base. The trick to getting delicate things to stick on (like how to get cheese to stick to rice in the original pin) is to use a tiny dab of mayonnaise or jam spread onto the specific area with a toothpick. Heavier items should be stuck on with picks in the way people secure things onto fancy layered cakes.

  24. Alexis

    Its all ogre now

  25. Fish

    DVR – Your step by step instructions for fixing Broc the Bear made me really laugh. I kept scrolling back to the picture then your fixes.

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