Fail: Lace Eggs

Pin Reaper: Rebecca S.

Original Inspiration: via


What I Did: Nailed it! Became obsessed with making these “Lace Eggs.” Ordered a dremmel tool from Amazon. Made enough scrambled eggs for my dog that he got sick while carefully preserving the shells…and tried my craft.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Buy the proper tool.



  1. DS

    If it makes you feel better, I understand egg shells are great to put in a garden…

  2. chris

    You need to use an egg with a THICK shell. The eggs you buy at the store are horribly thin.

  3. Brittany

    In the future to hard the egg shell naturally, put in in boiling water…
    I know this from my own fail, I filled eggs shells with chocolate, only first to kill germs I (over) dipped the shells in boiling water. My Easter guest had to work for their chocolate treats when the shell wouldn’t break 😉

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