Fail: Lightbulb Art

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What I Did: I needed a craft that was quick and easy because I was waiting on another craft to finish drying. Since I had some momentum in the crafting department I thought I could fill my waiting time with another craft. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked pretty easy. I had a sharpie and I gad a lightbulb. I finished the drawing and screwed in the lightbulb. No images on the wall, ceiling or my hand or anything. Oh well. The bulb looks cute in the lamp!

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My Result:


Next Time I Will:  I’m not sure if this can work or not. Maybe a lower wattage bulb? No clue.



  1. Liz

    It’s not the bulb, it’s not you. It won’t work. Period.

  2. J. Michael

    I could have told you this doesn’t work due to my experience trying to turn a flashlight into a bat-signal.

  3. nella

    i think in order to get patterns on the wall, the cut out, or patterned part, had to be a bit of distance away from the light source, so that the light can cast a shadow. i’m thinking of my kids animal lights, that make stars on the ceiling. the light inside is about 2-4 inches away from the star cutouts on the dome.

  4. shea

    “I could have told you this doesn’t work due to my experience trying to turn a flashlight into a bat-signal.”
    lol Niiiiiiiice

  5. Procrastinateher

    Lol, bat signal.

    Also, the glass on those lightbulbs are opaque, which would be like trying to draw a bat signal on a torch with tissue/tracing paper covered over it. So much diffusion (I’m a scientist).

    It would be equally cute to get a piece of cardboard, cut out stars and stuff from it and make it into a cylinder lampshade.

  6. Brittany

    For a similar look buy stain glass pant (I think Martha Stewart makes some now) make sure it heat friendly & paint a simple design on a clear light bulb. I have cloud one that my friend made me, it works at night. -Good luck

  7. Dawn

    I feel like this is a case of recaptioning. The original creator of this was probably trying to fancy up a bare hanging light bulb that they didn’t have a fixture(or money to by one). It’s a cute project, but jot for projecting light shapes on the walls.

  8. Chewbacca

    definitely will not work. the designs would not show up.

  9. Angela

    This doesn’t work. Period. I’ve tried it with every kind of light bulb and every color sharpie. Yes, I’ve tried lower wattage and clear blubs. I still have people tell me it just HAS to work. It doesnt.

  10. Nicole

    Um, this does work. I scribbled on a 40 watt CLEAR bulb. It put pretty colors on the walls (i didn’t try for a certain design) and projected beautifully on my white lamp shade.

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