Fail: Zucchini Chips

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inspirationWhat I Did: Looked delicious! I followed the recipe and cooking instructions exactly. Even stood by the oven to watch over the project. Alas, it was not to be.

My Result:


Next Time I Will: If I knew this wouldn’t have happened in the first place! LOL!



  1. MrsWatkins

    Yikes! Looks like something that came out of my oven!! Yes, I am that fabulous of a baker/cook! NOT..

    Good luck next time!

  2. Procrastinateher

    I reckon a food dehydrator might help with these. Even if it’s just at the start to give them less moisture so they crisp up.

    Also, burning the middle of the zucchini slices without burning the edges? That takes special skill.

    It’s probably not very healthy, but you could always try making the zucchini not-quite-chips by frying/barbecuing slices like you would slices of potato. Like these:

  3. SunnyFunDaze

    This is user error as the squash is cut extremely thick. The recipe states the width should be about that of a quarter (coin) these slices are clearly thicker. In addition, I would suggest soaking the squash in cold saltwater (a 1/4 c. per quart) this would remove some of the water in the squash and would also eliminate the need to salt the chips further. The temperature could also be changed to whatever your lowest oven temperature is, which will dehydrate anything. I have used this method for faux “sun dried tomatoes” before I got a dehydrator. For anyone interested Harbor Freight has a dehydrator for $25 and while not fancy, does the job. I use it for a variety of things and it is less expensive to run than your oven to dehydrate things.

    Here’s a link:

    Another option would be to put them on a cookie sheet and cover them with black tulle fabric to keep out bugs and set them in direct sun for a few days. (3 yards pre-cut black tulle fabric can be found at Walmart for around $5)

    A few years ago I dehydrated Roma tomatoes during the summer, threw them in the freezer in zip-lock bags and at Christmastime I packed them in olive oil in canning jars with cute bows on them and gave them to friends.

  4. Therasa

    Had the same thing happen. I cooked it for the alloted time and they weren’t done put them back in and within minutes I had charcol

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