Fail: Oopsie Rolls

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What I Did: In search of a healthier diet I’m trying LCHF, these were supposed to be a substitute for bread, made with meringue, egg yolks and cream cheese. Psyllium husk was optional, so I left it out as I didn’t have any, perhaps that’s the key to not wasting 3 eggs and half a pack of cream cheese?

My Result:


Next Time I Will: Try adding psyllium husk, it was a bit thin…



  1. Jenny

    how is cream cheese healthier than bread???

    • Annaaa

      Bread is made of grain, and is mainly carbohydrates, which is sugar. Dairy products like cheese and cream cheese are significantly less in carbohydrates. When doing a high fat low carb diet, and if you keep it under about 20 net carbs a day, you go into ketosis. Ketosis is when there is a shortage of sugars (carbs) in the bloodstreams so your body feeds off of your fat reserves. The calorie count doesn’t really matter at first, the goal is high levels of healthy fats and protein, and low levels of sugar.

  2. shea

    @Jenny LCHF = Low Carb High Fat Diet
    i don’t know the magical logistics of the diet and how and if it works but
    but the recipe substitutes a high carb thing (bread) for a high fat thing (cream cheese)

  3. becca

    Only way I’ve gotten these to work without the psyllium is to cook them in either a pie pan or a woopie pie pan. Unless you’ve made successful meringues without stabilizers it’s super tricky.

  4. danielle

    I don’t know what recipe your following but I use 3 ingredients eggs, vanilla Greek yogurt, and cream of tartar and mine turn out perfect everytime

  5. Amy

    You didn’t whip the egg whites long enough to stiffness….

  6. Leah

    These are very tricky to make. You have to very carefully fold the yolk mixture into the whites only a few times, otherwise the whites will “pop” and it’ll be too thin

  7. Sarah

    My oopsie rolls always came out beautifully. Use a muffin top pan for the perfect shape too!

  8. Annaaa

    You don’t need to add the husks to make them work! Next time, whip the egg whites for longer, you should be able to scoop up some of the meringue with your finger and it should maintain it’s shape in stiff mountain peaks. I make this recipe 2 or 3 times a week to supplement my keto diet, and it’s incredible.

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