Fail: Bunny Cake Cones

Pin Reaper: April

Original Inspiration: via


What I Did: We just used can frosting, did no specify what to use. Well the frosting was not the right consistency and was just melting, once we put the “bunny ears” on, it all went down hill…. literally.

My Result: 


Next Time I Will: Next time I will use different frosting and use smaller ears.


  1. Sami

    LOL, it reminds me of Th Brain from the WB cartoon Pinky and the Brain!

    • Kelly

      yes! perfect for halloween maybe

  2. Lafayette

    I don’t like the way that bunny is staring at me…

  3. Natalie

    This made me LOL, and it left me with the desire to reread Watership Down for some reason.

  4. Susan

    Maybe add some confectioners sugar to thicken the icing.

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