1. Eilonwy

    Condensed milk? Eep! The white stuff is Cool Whip (in Jello molds, it almost always is). Half of each flavor of gelatin is used “straight” and the other half is mixed with Cool Whip to make it opaque.

  2. Benjamin

    So, long time follower of you (I literally visit your website daily) but first time commenting on here. From what I can see, it looks like you tried to either stack it, slice by slice of jello, or that you tried to do it in a bunt pan and flip it with a glass case on top of it.

    Here’s what I recommend next time. I learned it from an old chemistry teacher of mine that I had back in high school, and what is chemistry but playing with dangerous chemicals in the kitchen? When doing this, pour in your first jello mix and let it set a little in the pan with the milk/gelatin mix on top (I’d try using something different than condensed milk). then when it’s set a little, pour in your next mix slowly and close to it so that it doesn’t disturb the pan with the jello in it. The idea is that the chemicals (I.E. – your jello) won’t mix if they’re not disturbed too heavily.

    Hope it helps, Jenna 😀 Sorry for the block of text too. Happy cooking!

  3. Lbs30

    I’ve made many of these layered jello dishes – it is a mixture condensed milk and gelatin.

  4. stef

    I wonder if your aunty lou is my aunty lou. Mine told me similar. LoL!

  5. MesqSandra

    I’m sure she meant well, but unless I was eating Auntie Lou’s jell-o mold while she was telling me how it’s done, I would have taken her advice with a couple of grains of salt. Never give up, though. It would be a treat to share!

  6. Joanna

    I’ve also heard that you can use sour cream in the “cloudy” half of each color. I know it sounds gross but i’ve heard it’s just fine.

  7. Kristine

    I just made one of these using this recipe: http://offbeathome.com/2014/05/rainbow-jello-shot-cake

    It’s for an alcoholic cake, but I’m sure there are similar recipes around for non-alcoholic.

    That link explains things really well, and I had never done something like this before and it turned out great!

    It suggests using yogurt between the layers (mixed with jello) to get the different layers to stick together. It really does work, but you need that gelatin in between the layers or it won’t set.

    I hope this helps! Don’t give up, just look up instructions!

  8. rebecca

    My family makes this for every major holiday, varying the colors for the holiday. It’s always made with condensed milk. It turns out great every time, you just have to let each layer of jello set before adding the condensed milk/gelatin mix, then let that set, then add the next color of jello. Takes forever, which is why ours is typically only 5 layers; red, white, green, white, red, for Christmas.

  9. Casey

    I did this cake and it came out perfectly. the cloudy layer are actually vanilla yogurt you mix in with the jello. You have to get it set just right pour the next layer too soon and they will run together if it sets to long the layers wont stick together

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