User Error: Caramel Filled Apples

Pin Reaper: Vixen

Original Inspiration:

pinterest fail caramel apple slices inspiration

What I Did: I wanted to make caramel apple slices for my daughter’s halloween themed birthday party. Obviously that didn’t work out.

My Result: pinterest fail caramel apple slices result

Next Time I Will: Next time I would anchor the apples so they didn’t tip because they ALL tipped in the fridge. Maybe us a muffin tin?



  1. Cassie

    It is hard to tell, but they did use a muffin tin in the original pinterest post 🙁

  2. Whitney

    a trick I use for deviled eggs is to slice a little off the bottom so it can sit flat

  3. Elisa

    When I made these, I used a muffin tin and foil to make perfectly formed little cups for them to sit in while they set up. My caramel never firmed up all the way though, and it was more gooey than I had hoped. Tricky pin!

  4. Allie

    These are supposed to be jello shots….. My friend actually did the original post…. those are her pictures when she made caramel apple jello shots

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