User Error: Turkey Cupcakes

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pinterest fail thanksgiving turkey oreo candy corn inspiration

What I Did: I did not have enough time (or skills) to pull this off! I didn’t have the peanut butter cups so I substituted with chocolate covered strawberries. The chocolate dried way too quickly for me, so when it came to putting the candy corns in, a lot of the chocolate cracked off. Also, you can’t just slot the candy corns into the middle of the oreos as all recipes seem to suggest! It makes them crack in half. And I had no icing so my turkeys ended up without eyes which made them look even weirder.

My Result:

pinterest fail thanksgiving turkey oreo candy corn result

Next Time I Will: Follow the recipe and have the exact things that you need!

pinterest fail thanksgiving turkey oreo candy corn storyboard


  1. Ginger

    I think your turkeys have potential! More tail feathers, icing to draw on the eyes and maybe some wings, and bingo! They’ll look more like IRL turkeys than the original, anyway.

  2. ziggychick

    I’ve made these before….just without the cupcakes on the bottom. You need to get the double stuff oreos. That’s the only way that the cookies don’t crack when you insert the candy corn.

    What I used:
    Double Stuff Oreos
    Pilsbury Chocolate frosting in a can
    Candy corn
    Peanut butter cups
    Yellow icing in a fine tip dispenser
    Sugar eyeballs

    Squeeze icing along the inside seam of one oreo, insert up to 5 candy corn. They only just need to be inserted about 1/3 in. If you push too hard, the oreos will crack.

    Cut about 1/3 off the side of the peanut butter cups.

    Glue tail feather oreo to another oreo to make your base. Rest it against the back of your counter so the icing sets. Glue peanut butter cup, cut side down onto the base. Follow with malteser. Using yellow icing, dab a bit on the eyeballs and glue. Cut a tip off the candy corn and glue as beak. Use icing to draw feet.

  3. blu_canary

    *ROFLMAO* These are great. Though they reminded me more of the turtle guys at the beginning of the movie, “The FIfth Element”!

  4. Lola

    From what I can see in the OP’s picture, it looks like they used frosting to hold the candy corns on top, rather than just shoving them into the oreo… either they skipped a step in the recipe saying to do that, or flat out lied and cheated using frosting in the end! Who knows? But I’d try frosting to hold everything together next time! Yummy edible glue!

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