Fail: Geek Chic Baby

Pin Reaper: Lara

Original Inspiration: via

pinterest fail baby book glasses photograph inspiration

What I Did: I love to read, so why wouldn’t my child? And what better theme for her baby photos than books and adorably dorky glasses? Unless your child dislikes both books and glasses. FAIL.

My Result:

pinterest fail baby book glasses photograph result

Next Time I Will: I would have done the shoot when my child was a newborn and acted more like a houseplant. At four months, she’s much less cooperative.

pinterest fail baby book glasses photograph storyboarded


  1. Arashi Girl

    I don’t blame the kid, you got them on the worst book ever (The Giving Tree)!

    • Natalie

      Agreed! The tree’s boy was the worst person ever.

  2. MesqSandra

    Start with a belly full of oatmeal; knocks ’em out so they’re posable!

  3. Anna

    Next time, have just a few books ready and wait for your baby to fall asleep. Sleeping babies are much more cooperative when it comes to wearing glasses…

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