Win: Pink Pinwheel Cookies

A response to the Pink Pinwheel Sugar Cookies fail from Pin Reaper Nicole.


Pin Reaper: Kim

Original Inspiration: via

pinterest fail pink pinwheel sugar cookies inspiration

What I Did: A friend and I set out to conquer some pins. Especially ones that had failed. Neither of us have much experience in baking, but we knew we could do sugar cookies. We didn’t change anything other than we put the dough in the freezer for an hour rather than the fridge.

My Result:

pinterest fail pink pinwheel sugar cookies reult

Next Time I Will: We would try and find a way to make the cookies more round and have more layers, but we consider this a win!

pinterest fail pink pinwheel sugar cookies storyboard


  1. MesqSandra

    Congratulations; it looks like thinking through the process BEFORE acting worked in your favor. Your pink layer just needs to be rolled out a little thinner.
    Good job!

  2. Daisy

    Just goes to show…..

    To get a round shape, maybe chill in the fridge and reshape it then put in the freezer?

    I love looking at the user error “fails”. Especially ones where they say things like “I know how to bake, but maybe I should have let the cake cool before decorating”.

  3. Holly

    I’d say go with chilling it in the fridge but also, it would probably help if you used one of those long, serrated knives used to cut bread. Less pressing down of the roll.

  4. Ginger

    I like how the pink layer is thicker than the white one, and the contrast of the chocolate sprinkles with the pink and white cookies! I think yours looks better than the original, actually.

  5. Emily

    Why not just cool it vertically instead of horizontally?

  6. Saturn

    Use an empty wrapping paper tube or something similar to hold the dough as it’s chilling.

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