Fail: Mango Roll-Ups

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pinterest fail healthy homemade mango fruit roll ups inspiration

What I Did: I wanted a healthy on-the-go pregnancy snack alternative, and thought this just might be the thing. I followed the directions exactly, and ended up with a sticky mango mess (which I ate anyway).

Blog Post Detailing The Experience:

My Result:

pinterest fail healthy homemade mango fruit roll ups result

Next Time I Will: I would head over to Trader Joe’s to search out something similar.

pinterest fail healthy homemade mango fruit roll ups storyboard



  1. Nikki @ Tikkido

    Aw, you just needed to keep going! If it’s still sticky/mushy, just bake longer. The time really depends on your oven, the humidity where you are, and other variables that are hard to describe. Just keep baking/drying until it looks and feels right!

  2. Irene

    Also, are you positive you used parchment paper and not wax paper? Most sticky things come right off of parchment paper when you let it cool properly.

  3. Anna

    The instructions say they’re done in the oven when they are fully dried. It may have been less humid where the original blogger is or your ovens are different. I’d say you just needed to keep baking.

  4. Linda

    They say silicone mats are really the best thing to use for these.

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