Fail: Rainbow Hamantaschen

Pin Reaper: Liza

Original Inspiration: via

pinterest fail rainbow hamantaschen inspiration

What I Did: I thought these would be a lot of fun to do. Not only did the dough get stuck in the loaf pan. I had to chisel it out and cut it into pieces to get it to the right depth.

My Result: 

pinterest fail rainbow hamantaschen result

Next Time I Will: I think this project could be saved. Next time I won’t freeze it, i will chill it in the refrigerator and I will make sure the sides stick together.

pinterest fail rainbow hamantaschen storyboard


  1. shea

    i’ve never even heard of “Hamantaschen” but it looks like you did a good job.
    The inspiration post looks like it barely has anything in it.
    And you were able to make them rainbowy still. I claim this one a win.

  2. Christin

    Aside from the ones that fell apart, the colors are gorgeous! Most people don’t do that part right (ie, don’t use the right kind of food coloring). I’m sure they were still tasty!

  3. eilonwy

    The ones in the original pin look like they haven’t been baked yet.

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