1. J-durh

    Well, obvs burned apples will not taste good. Also, uneven sizing. What were you even doing?

  2. Drusilla

    If the pastry won’t stick together, how would she have kept the filling from spewing out and burning?

    Still, I don’t quite understand how the instructions said to cut them into fries, and the user ended up with what looked like mushed sacks…

  3. Whitney

    I’m confused. It looks like she wasn’t actually trying to make fries…

  4. Eilonwy

    That looks like user error, since the pie crust is not cut into strips and doesn’t seem to have been sealed properly.

    When trying a new recipe, you have to watch the cooking time and keep an eye on how it’s going from several minutes before. Ovens are not uniform. Once your filling is incinerated, it’s not going to taste good. The burning smell should have been a tip-off.

  5. Pam

    I don’t have a crimper thingy either. I applaud your gumption, as apple pie raviolis could have been a winning variation.

  6. shannon

    Gotta love how nasty and sarcastic some of the people who comment on these posts are. :/

  7. Sarah

    Why? Because they are being honest?

  8. Procrastinateher

    I kind of want to try these just to show how it works if you follow the recipe.

    The Pin pictures show thin pieces that are sealed around the edges.

    The user’s pictures show uneven pieces that were not sealed. If you look at how thin the apple paste in the Pin recipe is, you would see that the filling was going to cook and burn a long time before the pastry was going to cook.

    Suggested solutions
    1. Re-do with SEALED ‘fries’/’ravioli’ shapes that will cook in a few minutes
    2. Re-do lumpy ball shapes but with even sizing and filling that will need a little longer to cook (e.g. pieces of apple, semi-cooked pie apple filling, or go for savoury ricotta-type cheese filling)

    On the comment of uneven cooking, there is a “soup mix” pack of legumes and lentils available in supermarkets near me. But they’ve put in things that take next to no time to cook (e.g. red lentils and split peas) with things that take AGES to cook (e.g. dried kidney beans), so any sop you cook with them is kind of destined to fail.

  9. Shannon

    A person can be honest without being rude. The last comment has constructive criticism, not so much some of the others and you see it in A LOT of the comments.

  10. shea

    Why do I suddenly have the urge to try fried apple wontons?

    Although some of the comments on here are EXTREMELY uncalled for.
    I must agree that this is an user error.

    But man, this recipe looks like a toughie (or at least a messy).
    Or maybe I’m just culinarily challenged.

  11. rickieleigh

    I have made these successfully before. Pie crust needs to be cold out of the fridge as does the filling. And if you use a dull butter knife and press slowly to push rather than slice, you can get a seal on the dough even if you don’t have a crimper. Also, as with any pie crust, an egg wash makes it look picture perfect!

  12. Sarah

    I had to look at these comments because my first thought was, “Was this person drunk when they did this?”

  13. Jackie

    I made these no problem. I would not discourage others from trying. It is super simple and it is a go to recipe for me now.

  14. Kelly

    This is hilarious. Until you read the comments. This is a website for f@*# ups. Why do you people complain so much? Just laugh you sad bunch.

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