Fail: Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

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What I Did: I followed the recipe completely, the dough looked great and cookies were shaped beautifully. I set the timer on my oven, and when I opened the door I could’t believe what happened.

My Result:





  1. Lori B

    If I had to guess, you need more flour. I live in Wyoming which is considered high altitude. I typically have to add flour to most cookie recipes or they just spread out too much.

  2. Emily

    Your dough was too warm/butter not cold enough. I’m guessing it took too long between taking it out of the fridge and the thumbprint/jam step. Next time try refrigerating it before the cookies bake and I think you’ll have success.

  3. Christin

    Looks like the dough was not chilled long enough.

  4. eilonwy

    Possible causes:

    1. Cookie dough needed EVEN more chilling. If your kitchen was warm or rolling the balls took a while, it’s good to pop the whole pan of shaped cookies in the freezer for about 10 minutes before baking.

    2. Your oven runs hot. I’ve seen cookies do this when I accidentally set the temperature for 450 instead of 425, too.

    3. Your butter had a higher water content than the original cook’s.

    4. You live in a much damper climate and needed more flour.

    Thumbprint cookies are definitely possible, as I’ve made them in the past with no trouble, but I go by the texture of the raw dough rather than by the strict recipe proportions.

  5. Cmr

    Or you used melted butter in the recipe.

  6. Laura

    Why isn’t this classified as User Error?

  7. STFU

    why are some commenters so frigging uptight on this site? who cares what it’s classified under? also, no one cares as to what may have gone wrong. we just like to laugh at the funny pictures and commentary. lighten up, folks!

  8. Pam

    Might have been yummy with the different texture. Chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookies are both equally delicious

  9. Elise

    …Or you used margarine instead of butter.

  10. lee

    Looks more like nipple print cookies:):)

  11. Rachel

    I’ve found the best thing to do for thumbprint cookies, no matter what the recipe is…use a mini muffin pan. As soon as they come out of the oven, use the back of a teaspoon or melon baller to make the indent and then fill. Works every time!

  12. Lisa

    Had the problem with this same recipe. So, I prepared the cookies with the indent (before adding the jam) and put them in my freezer for 30 minutes. That is the only way they did not spread everywhere. The fridge didn’t do enough..

  13. Tammy

    Also wanted to throw out there (for others having similar issues) that I had a cookie recipe that did this and it was one that called for powdered sugar. I used Crystal brand and apparently that one’s made with beet sugar as opposed to sugar cane. All the cookies melted. Tried again, same result. Switched to C&H and the cookies turned out beautifully.

  14. Spayer

    Once again, this looks like a high altitude baking project, without accounting for the difference in altitude.

    Add more flour, probably about 20%, and you’ll probably get perfect cookies.

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