1. shea

    just ditch the boots altogether
    donate to goodwill/salvation army or something
    then your outfit is perfect

  2. Blendra

    So true. I gotta just toss ’em! I just need some leopard heels!

    • Jenna

      Blendra – I wasn’t sure if I should let that comment through (I didn’t want to let someone hurt your feelings when the submission was all in good fun). I think you have a great attitude though and I love that you took the criticism in stride!

  3. drusilla

    Meh, it’s all about the attitude! In think the original outfit looks lame, but Blendra rocks the leopard Uggs in her version!!!

  4. shea

    Wasn’t trying to hurt anyones feelings. Just thought the outfit was much better without boots.
    But I do agree leopard heels are a good substitute (as long as you aren’t doing a lot of walking @_@)

  5. mia

    were with all black and or with some biege

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